Your donation matters! Every disaster agency will tell you that cash makes the best donation as it is the most versatile to acquire exactly what is needed to help a disaster survivor recover. While this holds true for ROAD as well, we do have other options for you to support the work we do.


With 250 people donating $100 per month we can sustain the disaster recovery services ROAD provides for the long term. These funds cover the full time work of coordinating disaster recovery projects alongside disaster case managers, providing home damage assessments, recruiting volunteers, and managing volunteer teams as well as our Vocational Training Apprenticeship Program.


Our disaster home repair services for disaster survivors who cannot recover on their own includes roofing, drywall, insulation, flooring, siding, paint, trim, fixtures, etc. Any donated materials for this work helps the limited resources at funding tables go further to help more families in need.


ROAD provides tool trailers equipped with enough tools to outfit a team of 12-15 volunteers. This allows teams from any distance and skill level to have what is needed to be successful in completing the home repairs needed. The box trailers are 14-16 foot tandem axle with a drop gate. Tools range from table saws to hand saws and pneumatic nail guns to cordless drills. An invertor is supplied on each trailer making it self sufficient regardless of the home condition. Your donation of a trailer and/or tools helps us maintain adequate levels of equipment for all the teams we serve.


ROAD can accept most any type of stocks, bonds, money markets and other financial instruments. As you determine your estate plans consider a Retained Annuity Trust as a way to provide for disaster surviving families as well as your own.

Your regular, ongoing, or monthly financial support of our disaster recovery work is critical in providing hope to those impacted by disaster in Making Homes Home Again!