Disaster Ranking

Oklahoma Ranking for Presidential Disaster Declarations (based on FEMA historic data / out of 26 different categories / source fema.gov) Note that this is only for declared disasters not for number of occurrences. Oklahoma has a significant number of disasters that occur in the state where no declaration occurs.

•  3rd Over-All(Texas, California, Oklahoma, New York, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri…)
•  1st for Tornadoes(Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky…)
•  1st for Severe Storms(Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Illinois, Alabama, New York)
•  3rd for Wildfire(California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Alaska, Idaho, Karuk Tribe, Montana, New Hampshire…)
•  3rd for Winter Storms(S. Dakota, New York, Oklahoma, Nebraska, N. Dakota, Virginia, Alaska, Kansas, N. Carolina, Oregon…)
•  4th for Straight Line Winds(Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, Alaska)
•  6th for Flooding(Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, W. Virginia, California, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, New York Tennessee…)
•  7th for Snow Storms(Massachusetts, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, S. Dakota, Kansas…)
•  10th for Fire(California, Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Colorado, Micronesia, Florida, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma…)