Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster

Making Homes Home Again

“Making Homes Home Again”

Oklahoma Spring has once again brought severe storms that have left people in need. Volunteers are needed now to help with tarping, muck-out, and tree clean up. Volunteers will be needed soon to help with home repairs. Donations are always needed for us to keep disaster surviving families on the ROAD to recovery!

Volunteers and Donations needed.

Thank you for putting families on the ROAD to recovery!

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the life blood for disaster recovery across the globe saving as much as 70% over the cost of hiring contractors to do the work.

ROAD recruits volunteers from across the country, secures lodging for the team, and ensures their stay is hospitable. Your investment of time volunteering is needed to help disaster survivors have hope for recovery across the state.

Project Management

Our key service is providing the supervision needed to complete each home repair. Each project is vetted by a case manager who qualifies the disaster survivor as having a true need they can not meet on their own.

When a volunteer team is scheduled, the Project Manager will deliver the materials, along with a trailer full of tools, and provide all the project knowledge needed to make any team successful.

Vocational Training

This new program launched in November 2020 in partnership with the State Career Tech and WorkForce. WorkForce provides participants to be trained by ROAD. This program offers 80 hours of classroom instruction followed by up to 6 months of on-the-job instruction for roofing, flooring, drywall, insulation, siding, etc. while repairing a disaster survivor’s home.


ROAD provides all of its services free of charge. This means we must rely on the extravagant generosity of donors like you in order to continue this vital work.

Grants are a part of the funding necessary to provide these critical services, however they are often time sensitive and ear-marked for a specific disaster. Oklahoma is often responding to a new disaster while still recovering from the past disaster. This means stable and ongoing support is needed through individual donors.

Funds are needed for staff, equipment, and materials.

Centralized Logistics

ROAD is the center of all things home repair in a disaster. ROAD maintains the DIRRT database where all disaster Case Managers enter their work orders, assessment requests, and bid reviews.

ROAD maintains the work flow needed by disaster Case Managers. ROAD updates the status of every project to ensure every disaster survivor receives the help they need without any falling through the cracks.

Damage Assessments

ROAD provides damage assessments to determine the needs for each disaster survivors home to become a home again.

The damage assessments are used to determine funding amounts needed through the Long Term Recovery Committee’s Unmet Needs group.

Recovery Progress

Please join us on the disasterROAD to learn about Oklahomas disasters and the needs they create.

How We Serve

ROAD serves disaster survivors through the disaster case management process. When a disaster survivor has been vetted and determined to have home repair needs they can not meet on their own, they are then served through the free services we offer.

ROAD in pictures

Invest in ROAD

ROAD depends on generosity from individual donors and foundation grants. This investment support allows all of our services to disaster survivors and to the disaster community to be free of charge.

Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster, Inc. “ROAD” is an IRS declared 501(c)3 nonprofit providing volunteer home repair for those with no means of recovery on their own across the state.

Our mission is to build community resiliency across Oklahoma by providing hope to disaster survivors in Long Term Recovery through: project and volunteer management servicing home repair needs; awareness and advocacy; preparedness and mitigation services; all to vulnerable populations who have no means of recovery on their own.

We are the ROAD to recovery Making Homes Home Again! Your investment in Making Homes Home Again for all those who cannot recover on their own is life changing.

Your monthly financial support of our disaster recovery work is critical in providing hope to those impacted by disaster.